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The below questions are common HR queries. Click 'read more' for a free guide that will help you solve them.

How do I deal with sickness absence?

Unchecked employee absence will cost your business money. Our guide shows you how to introduce a sickness and absence policy to monitor and reduce it.


How do I improve staff productivity?

More productive employees equal greater profits and growth. This guide shows how to make positive changes to your workplace to improve staff productivity.


How do I carry out a disciplinary investigation?

If an allegation of misconduct has been made, you need to know what happened. Our user guide shows how to conduct a fair disciplinary investigation.


How do I manage employee performance?

Employees should always know what’s expected of them. Learn how to agree objectives, review performance, give feedback and conduct appraisals.


How do I prevent bullying and harassment?

Bullying and harassment are unacceptable in the workplace. Download our guide to learn how to promote a healthy, fair and safe working environment for all.


How do I deal with grievances?

Failing to listen to your employees’ grievances can lead to serious employment law issues. Download our guide and create a grievance policy that’s fair and consistent.


How do I recruit and retain the right people?

Poor recruitment will waste your time and money. Our guide shows you how to always employ the right person for the job with a thorough selection process and interview, and how to then retain them with an engaging induction and probation period.


How do I increase engagement within the workforce?

Engaged employees are far more motivated and productive, and also give much better levels of customer service. Download the guide, and create your own survey to measure and then increase employee engagement in your business.


How do I dismiss an employee?

Firing an employee can be unpleasant and leave your company open to legal consequences if done wrong – even if it’s by accident. Our guide shows how to do it correctly with a fair, comprehensive disciplinary procedure.


How do I calculate holidays?

Paid annual leave is a legal right that employers must provide. Employees’ holiday entitlement also depends on working hours and your company’s holiday year. Download the user guide to learn how to calculate your employees’ holiday entitlement and pay.


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