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The below questions are common problems regarding human resources. Click each one for more information and to see how we could help you.

How do I deal with sickness absence?

Employee absence can be a big problem for businesses, both financially and through stress for colleagues caused by an increased workload. If left unchecked, short-term absence can quickly get out of control. Luckily, Deminos can help you introduce a sickness and absence process to monitor and reduce this issue.


How do I carry out an appraisal?

Appraisals, if conducted effectively, can benefit both employers and employees. They can assist in improving employees’ performance at work, as well as identifying talent and potential for future roles. Deminos can give you the training and tools to introduce an effective, formal appraisal process so you quantify how your employees are performing and plan for the future.


How do I carry out a disciplinary investigation?

Disciplinary cases have to be dealt with promptly and in line with the ACAS Code of Practice. If either an employer or employee fails to comply with the Code, a tribunal may adjust any compensation awarded by up to 25%, depending on who is at fault. Deminos can guide you through a professional disciplinary investigation that is fair for all involved.


How do I manage employee performance?

As an employer, you’ll always be looking to maintain high standards within your business. Unfortunately, standards can sometimes slip, so action will need to be taken to bring the best out of your staff. The best way to do this is through managing employee performance on a continual basis.


How do I prevent bullying and harassment?

Bullying and harassment is unacceptable in the workplace. It’s in everyone’s interest to ensure such incidents are dealt with quickly and fairly, but even better to create a working culture to prevent them in the first place. Employers have a duty to promote a safe, healthy and fair working environment for all, and Deminos can help you achieve this.


How do I deal with grievances?

Grievances are an essential part of a healthy employee-employer relationship. However, failing to listen to an employee’s grievances can lead to serious employment law issues within the workplace. Deminos will help you create a grievance policy that’s fair, consistent, and in line with the ACAS Code of Practice.


How do I recruit the right people for my business?

The implications of poor recruitment can be far reaching and costly for a business. The best course of action is to get it right first time, by introducing a well-structured recruitment process. Deminos can help you follow recruitment and selection best practices, so you’ll always employ (and retain) the right person for the job.


How do I increase engagement within the workforce?

How employees behave at work can be the difference between success and failure for a business. Conducting an employee engagement survey can provide your organisation with feedback to help you identify how you can maximise employee potential, and where attention is needed to improve staff motivation, productivity and retention.


How do I dismiss an employee?

Although dismissing an employee should be the last resort, sometimes it can be unavoidable. In order to dismiss an employee fairly, an employer will need a valid reason relating to conduct or capability, and be shown be have acted reasonably by conducting an investigation and following the disciplinary process.


How do I calculate holidays?

Paid annual leave is a legal right that an employer must provide. How much leave an employee is entitled to depends on their hours of work, as well as how far into the holiday year they are when they joined the business. Deminos can help you calculate your employees’ holiday entitlement and pay.


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