Improve Your Efficiency With E-Human Resources

Everything is going online and human resources is no exception. Welcome to the world of e-human resources. It's a far cry from the days when working in personnel (as it was also called) meant shuffling lots of paper about. There was a form for everything and they all had to be filled in correctly. Someone had the job of transcribing, copying and filing the papers as needed, which as a time consuming task. Whenever an employee needed to change details, then the whole process had to be started again. Those days could be behind us with the advent of IT systems and software that will streamline the management of human resources.

In e-human resources, the 'e' is for electronic, similar to email and ecards. It's a quick way of showing how electronic systems can help human resource management become more efficient. It's catching on with some of the largest employers in the country, such as local councils. Edinburgh City Council recently transferred its HR management to a similar system. Companies and businesses won't want to be left behind.

What E-Human Resources Can Do

Think about what happens in a typical, everyday HR process, such as booking annual leave. The employee fills out a piece of paper, has it approved by the line manager or department manager, then it goes to HR to see that it fits in with other leave in the department. Wouldn't it be easier if that employee could see what time is available for leave and whether there are any clashes? And wouldn't it be easier still if the employee could then book leave immediately online through the company intranet? An e-HR system makes that possible.

Another time consuming area is changing personal details when employees move, get a new phone, or get married or divorced. These are regular occurrences and there has to be a more efficient way than filling in pieces of paper. Wouldn't it be far easier to have employees log in to a system and change their details themselves? There are so many applications for e-HR that it's difficult to know where to begin, but employees could use the system to book training and to look up regulations and procedures. Appraisals, completing sick leave forms and more can be handled with the right kind of system, improving organizational efficiency. Bringing human resources online is a boon for any company, so why not check out the benefits of e-human resources?

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