What happens… if I dismiss an employee unfairly?

David Ralph   
Jun 14
As an employer, sometimes having to dismiss an employee is unavoidable. It’s not pleasant for both parties, but some people just aren’t compatible with an organisation. However, there are correct

European Court of Justice – workers entitled to holiday pay compensation

David Ralph   
Jun 09
Workers are entitled to paid leave and compensation if they are not allowed to take holidays, according to a member of the European Court of Justice. EJC advocate general Evgeni

What happens… when your employees are disengaged?

David Ralph   
Jun 09
Employee engagement can often be considered the ‘Holy Grail’ for employers. After all, who wouldn’t want their workforce to be highly motivated, more productive and united towards achieving the organisation’s

What happens… if employees don’t take holidays?

David Ralph   
Jun 08
It is a legal requirement for all employers to provide paid holidays for their employees. However, for several reasons, workers may sometimes choose not to take the holidays that they’re

What happens… when you recruit the wrong person?

David Ralph   
Jun 07
Recruitment isn’t an easy process. When you’re a small business owner who needs help with your rapidly growing company, it can be tempting to employ someone as quickly as possible

Unions say zero-hours workers’ review doesn’t go far enough

David Ralph   
May 23
Workers on zero-hours contracts could be given the right to request a move to a fixed number of hours. Reports suggest that Matthew Taylor’s review into modern employment practices, due

Tribunal awards £2 to claimant denied companion at disciplinary hearing

David Ralph   
Apr 27
An employment tribunal has awarded just £2 to a claimant whose choice of companion for his disciplinary appeal hearing was vetoed by his employer. In Gnahoua v Abellio London Ltd,

Top 3 Benefits Of An Engaged Workforce

Ian Denny   
Mar 27
This was our 30-second straw poll survey were participants were asked to pick their top 3 benefits of an engaged workforce from a choice of 7*. And the top 3 were:

Bus driver wrongfully sacked – but not unfairly

Ellen Brown   
Jul 29
The case of a bus driver who was accused of using a mobile phone whilst driving has succeeded in a wrongful dismissal claim, but lost his unfair dismissal claim, in

Legislation update – New offences under the Immigration Act

Ellen Brown   
Jul 12
Illegal working – new offences from 12th July 2016 Changes in the law under the Immigration Act 2016 include new offences of illegal working when someone whose immigration status restricts

Should workers be allowed to self-certify?

Ellen Brown   
Jun 22
GPs have come out in favour of workers being able to self-certify illness for up to 14 days, claiming it will ease the burden on GPs. Under current rules, self-certification

Was a ban on headwear religious discrimination?

Ellen Brown   
Jun 03
The vexing question of dress codes and religious clothing or symbols has been considered at the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the highest court in the EU, in a case

Pendleton v Derbyshire County Council

Ellen Brown   
May 20
A recent case from the Employment Appeal Tribunal has brought into sharp focus how indirect discrimination set traps for the unwary employer. The case involved a schoolteacher who was dismissed

Fresh Hope for Epileptic Supermarket Worker in Disability Discrimination Case

Ellen Brown   
Apr 20
A supermarket worker who was sacked after behaving aggressively towards his line manager has won a fresh opportunity to prove that he was suffering an epileptic fit at the time

Has shared parental leave failed?

Ellen Brown   
Apr 05
With a report today suggesting only 1%* of eligible fathers have taken Shared Parental Leave (SPL), some are questioning whether the scheme has been a failure? The Government are not

‘Pulling a Sickie’ Is Grounds for Dismissal, Tribunal Rules

Ellen Brown   
Mar 09
‘Pulling a sickie’ is viewed by some workers as not particularly serious – however, an important Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) decision has emphasised that such dishonesty can amount to gross

University Accused of Penalising Trade Unionist Librarian Wins Appeal

Ellen Brown   
Feb 01
Trade unionists have a vital part to play in many workplaces and employers have to be very careful not to penalise them for their activities. However, in one instance, a

Fire safety – is your workplace complying?

Ellen Brown   
Dec 23
Fire safety is incredibly important, as well as ensuring the safety of your workers and customers, it also ensures the safety of your resources and products so you can minimise

Drinking and work

Ellen Brown   
Dec 21
At this time of year, one area of particular difficulty for employers may be dealing with staff who are ‘under the influence’ of alcohol in the workplace, whether because of

Keep your workplace Christmas stress-free

Ellen Brown   
Dec 17
‘Tis the season where we all get a bit merry and, sadly, sometimes blur the lines between work-life and personal-life! Here are our top tips for making sure your festive season

Conduct and the Christmas party

Ellen Brown   
Dec 15
Christmas parties are a great opportunity for colleagues to mingle, socialise and enjoy a festive drink or two. But while they can be a great way to boost morale and

What you need to know about the National Living Wage

Ellen Brown   
Nov 19
The living wage is one of the most talked about employment issues at the moment, especially given recent coverage of welfare cuts, the rising cost of living, and the increased

Hyde Housing Association v Layton – TUPE and changing identities of employers

Ellen Brown   
Nov 17
TUPE is a confusing subject, there are many considerations which must be noted during TUPE (and potential TUPE) cases, not a simple switch! TUPE and changing identity of the employer

What is an MRL?

Ellen Brown   
Oct 20
An MRL is a Maximum Residue Level and is the maximum level of certain chemicals allowed in food and feed. These levels are agreed at a European level and are put