Inductions Week round-up

David Ralph   
Nov 03

It’s been a varied week on our social media channels this week, with the main focus being on induction and probationary procedures along with Halloween and National Stress Awareness Day.


Questions of the Day

This saw the QotD being answered by HR advisor Ron Smith. Click the links below to hear his answers on:

Is it necessary to have a probationary period?

What is the probationary procedure regarding a pregnant employee?

Should you wait until the end of the probationary period before dismissing an underperforming employee?

Meet the Team – Ed McFarlane

David Ralph   
Nov 03

Ed McFarlane, Litigator

Each week, we profile a member of the Deminos team so you can learn a little more about who we are and what we do. This week, we meet our resident litigator, Ed McFarlane.


Ed has over 14 years’ experience in employment tribunal representation, and has previously worked for an employers’ association representing employers during negotiations with trade unions.

He has also appeared in the Employment Appeal Tribunal arguing the law before High Court judges. Prior to studying

Nippy Bus and sudden redundancies: What does the law say?

David Ralph   
Nov 03

Yesterday, the boss of a bus company made the national news after suddenly shutting down his business and making the staff redundant with an abrupt note. The former employees were of course shocked and passengers let down, but did the employer break any laws by doing this? We asked our employment law expert Ed McFarlane what usually happens in this kind of situation:

“Sad news from Somerset where a local transport company, Nippy Bus, suddenly ceased trading over the weekend, leaving many staff unemployed and passengers stranded. Reports indicate that the management had

HR news round-up – Thurs 2 Nov 2017

David Ralph   
Nov 02

Good afternoon, here’s the latest round-up of what’s happening in the world of HR and employment law.


Women will wait 217 years for pay gap to close, WEF says – The Guardian

Women around the globe may have to wait more than two centuries to achieve equality in the workplace, according to new research.

The World Economic Forum, best known for its annual gathering in the Swiss resort of Davos, said it would take 217 years for disparities in the pay and employment opportunities of men and women to end.

HR news round-up – Weds 1 Nov 2017

David Ralph   
Nov 01

Good afternoon – here’s today’s round-up of all the latest HR and employment law news. Click the titles if you want to read the full articles.


‘I can’t work with you a moment longer’: boss fires bus drivers with blunt note – The Guardian

The boss of a Somerset bus company has taken his fleet off the road without warning and sent a note to staff saying: “I have had enough and realise I cannot work with you a moment longer.”

The journeys of hundreds of passengers, including schoolchildren,

How employers can prevent stress at work

David Ralph   
Nov 01

It’s National Stress Awareness Day on 1st November this year, launched with the important aims of achieving publicity about stress and stress prevention, and promoting the importance of wellbeing for individuals and organisations.

Combating stress is now more of a priority than ever for employers, as it is a major contributor to mental health issues and can even make people physically unwell. According to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), in 2015/16 over 480,000 people in the UK reported that work-related stress was making them ill. This amounts to nearly 40% of all work-related illness.

Employers can take action to

HR news round-up – Tues 31 Oct 2017

David Ralph   
Oct 31

Hi all – it’s time for your daily update on what’s in the news relating to HR and employment law. Click the article titles to see the full stories:


Pilot flexible working programmes for teachers announced – Personnel Today

Justine Greening has announced new pilot programmes to look at ways of supporting and employing teachers flexibly, and enhancing coaching schemes for women working in education.

The education secretary and minister for women and equalities announced the plans at a summit aiming to help recruit and retain teachers and to tackle

HR horrors employers should avoid this Halloween

David Ralph   
Oct 31

Celebrating Halloween has become more and more popular in recent years, with many businesses joining in the fun with spooky costumes, creepy decorations, and haunting games. However, as with many other celebrations taking place at work, there are some HR horrors employers should be wary of.


Discrimination When people dress up, there’s always the chance someone else could take offence at a choice of costume. Employers should be sure to inform employees that dressing up in way that stereotypes a race, religion or nationality could lead to a discrimination claim under the Equality Act 2010.

Remember, the Act includes

HR news round-up – Mon 30 Oct 2017

David Ralph   
Oct 30

Good afternoon, it’s the start of a new week so here’s your round-up of HR and employment law news for today and from over the weekend. Click the links for the full stories:

BBC pay gap: women working with lawyers on potential legal action – The Guardian

At least 10 senior women at the BBC are working with lawyers about the gender pay gap at the corporation and could take legal action if talks with the broadcaster fail to resolve the issue. The women are being advised by the City law

It’s Inductions Week at Deminos

David Ralph   
Oct 30

Welcome to our Inductions Week! We’re now into the fifth of our themed weeks showing you what we do here at Deminos. Following the recruitment of a new member of staff, it’s important for them to be inducted into the business to ensure that they settle in well. A good induction will help the employee gain an understanding of the organisation and its policies, procedures and culture as soon as possible. It also gives them the opportunity to quickly become an effective and motivated team member. The induction should happen alongside a

Recruitment Week round-up

David Ralph   
Oct 27

Hello everyone, it’s Friday afternoon once again, so we’re looking back at what’s been happening on social media this week.


Questions of the Day

Our litigator and employment law specialist Ed McFarlane handled the daily questions this week. Click the links below for his advice on:

If a candidate can’t make it to an interview, should the employer reschedule?

If an employer makes a job offer and the candidate accepts, can the employer change its mind?

What questions should an employer avoid asking at interviews?


Meet the Team – Sita Anand

David Ralph   
Oct 27

Sita Anand, HR Advisor

Each week, we profile a member of the Deminos team so you can learn a little more about who we are and what we do. This week, we meet HR advisor Sita Anand.


Sita has 10 years’ experience advising both employers and employees on HR and employment law.

Due to her extensive knowledge of the employment tribunal process, she knows what can lead to a potential claim and can help clients avoid becoming involved in a tribunal.

HR news round-up – Thurs 26 Oct 2017

David Ralph   
Oct 26

Good afternoon, here’s what’s in the news about HR and employment law today.

Mental health problems are forcing thousands in UK out of work – report – The Guardian

About 300,000 people with a long-term mental health problem lose their jobs each year, a review commissioned by Theresa May has found. The Thriving at Work report, published on Thursday, puts the annual cost to the UK economy of poor mental health at up to £99bn, of which about £42bn is borne by employers. The authors – the Mind chief executive, Paul Farmer,

HR news round-up – Weds 25th Oct 2017

David Ralph   
Oct 25

Good afternoon, here’s what’s been making the news today relating to HR and employment law.

Rail workers across the UK to strike in November, over driver-only trains – The Independent

Workers at five railway operators are to strike in November in bitter disputes over the role of guards and driver-only operation of trains. Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) on Southern, South Western Railway and Greater Anglia will strike for 48 hours from 8 November, and for 24 hours on Merseyrail and Arriva Rail North on 8 November.

HR news round-up – Tues 24 Oct 2017

David Ralph   
Oct 24

Hi everyone, it’s time to see what’s happening in today’s HR and employment law news.

Virgin Money CEO calls for greater action to achieve gender equality in business – The Independent

The chief executive of Virgin Money has called for the creation of a “ministerial board” that would champion the economic benefits of gender diversity.

Speaking to the Treasury Select Committee on Tuesday, Jayne-Anne Gadhia said that a move by City regulators to sign up to the Women in Finance charter had forced

HR news round-up – Mon 23 Oct 2017

David Ralph   
Oct 23

Good afternoon – it’s the start of a new week, so here’s the latest HR and employment law news from today and over the weekend.

Public ‘backs ban on long unpaid internships’ – BBC News

There is strong public support to ban unpaid work experience that lasts more than four weeks, new research suggests. Three quarters of people surveyed by the Social Mobility Commission backed a change in the law to stop companies from exploiting unpaid interns. The poll of 5,000 people was published ahead of the second reading of a

It’s Recruitment Week

David Ralph   
Oct 23

Welcome to Recruitment Week at Deminos! This is the fourth of our themed weeks celebrating the relaunch of Deminos and to highlight everything we can do for our clients. Having an effective recruitment process in place is vital for employers to select and then retain the right people for their organisation. Recruiting the wrong person for a role can have a demoralising effect on other members of staff, reduce productivity, and cost time and money when the employee needs to be replaced. Employers must also avoid discriminating against anyone with a protected

Disciplinary and Grievance Week round-up

David Ralph   
Oct 20

Good afternoon! It’s Friday, it’s nearly the weekend, so it’s time to look back at what we’ve been sharing during Disciplinary and Grievance Week here at Deminos.


Questions of the Day

This week’s QotD were fielded by the tag team of Chris Heselwood and Chris Bechervaise. Click the links below to hear the answers to these common disciplinary/grievance questions:

Can you instantly dismiss an employee due to gross misconduct?

What can an employer do if an employee posts a derogatory comment about them on social media?

Meet the Team – Chris Bechervaise

David Ralph   
Oct 20

Chris Bechervaise, HR Advisor (South East)

Each week, we profile a member of the Deminos team so you can learn a little more about who we are and what we do. This week it’s the turn of HR advisor Chris Bechervaise.


Chris is our advisor covering the South East. He has over 20 years’ experience in HR, having spent 16 years as an advisor, conciliator and trainer for Acas.


HR news round-up – Thurs 19 October 2017

David Ralph   
Oct 19

Good afternoon, here’s Thursday’s round-up of the latest HR and employment law news.


One in four people ‘trapped in low paid jobs’ – BBC News

A quarter of low paid workers are permanently stuck in poorly paid jobs in the UK with little chance of earning more, according to new research. The Social Mobility Commission said low pay was “endemic” in the UK, with women more likely to get stuck on low pay. It found just one in six low paid workers had managed to escape from poorly

HR news round-up – Weds 18 October 2017

David Ralph   
Oct 18

It’s time to round-up the main stories from today relating to HR and employment law.


Sainsbury’s to cut 2,000 jobs across UK – The Guardian

Sainsbury’s is axing 2,000 store and back office roles as the supermarket chain looks to slash costs by £500m amid an intensifying price war with Aldi and Lidl. The retailer is restructuring its HR departments, getting rid of 1,400 store-based clerks and another 600 staff based in the back offices that serve the chain as well as Argos and Sainsbury’s bank. “The UK grocery

HR news round-up – Tues 17 Oct 2017

David Ralph   
Oct 17

Hello everyone, here’s what in today’s news relating to HR and employment law.

Automation will affect one in five jobs across the UK, says study – The Guardian

Workers in the constituency of shadow chancellor John McDonnell are at the highest risk of seeing their jobs automated in the looming workplace revolution that will affect at least one in five employees in all parliamentary seats, according to new research. The thinktank Future Advocacy – which specialises in looking at the big 21st century policy changes – said at least one-fifth of

HR news round-up – Mon 16 October 2017

David Ralph   
Oct 16

Good afternoon, here is Monday’s HR and employment law news round-up.

Vauxhall: Union calls for support to protect jobs – BBC News

The government should give “a clear signal” that it will support the automotive industry through Brexit to protect jobs at Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port plant, the Unite union says. The union is calling for reassurance from the plant’s French owners, PSA Group, that they will continue to invest in the facility. But Unite said the government also needed to provide more certainty. The PSA Group has announced 400 job losses

It’s Disciplinary and Grievance Week

David Ralph   
Oct 16

Welcome to Disciplinary and Grievance Week! As the third of our themed weeks marking the relaunch of Deminos, we have lots of HR advice, hints, tips and news lined-up to help you create an effective disciplinary procedure in your workplace. Employers are required by the Acas Code of Practice to act fairly and reasonably regarding disciplinary and grievance cases. The Employment Rights Act 1996 also states that employers need to refer to disciplinary and grievance procedures in their employees’ written terms and conditions. Having such procedures in place will ensure that everyone

Absence Management Week round-up

David Ralph   
Oct 13

It’s Friday, so here’s the best of what we’ve been sharing during our week dedicated to managing workplace absence:


Questions of the Day

Louise from Deminos answered some common questions often asked by managers regarding sickness absence. Click the links below to see what she had to say…

What should you do if you don’t believe an employee is genuinely ill?

Can an employee work elsewhere whilst on sick leave?

Can an employee take annual leave while on long-term sick?