It’s Anti-Bullying Week at Deminos

The 13th to 17th of November marks Anti-Bullying Week, co-ordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. Bullying isn’t just something that takes place at school – it can be a problem prevalent in workplaces too.

Any example of bullying is unacceptable, so employers have a responsibility to promote a safe, healthy and fair working environment for all.

This week at Deminos, we’ll be looking at how cases of bullying and harassment at work can be spotted, dealt with and prevented for happier and more productive employees.


Questions of the day

We’ll be answering the following commonly asked questions on our blog:

  • How do you spot the signs of workplace bullying?

  • Are bullying and harassment punishable by law?

  • Are employers liable for cases of bullying and harassment outside of work or on social media?

  • How can employers tackle bullying and harassment in the workplace?


HR resources

To prevent bullying in their organisation, employers will need to have an anti-bullying and harassment policy in place that states what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour at work. This will have to be included in their Employee Handbook, and outline the consequences for not following those rules. To learn more about what needs to be included in your policy:

Take our Anti-Harassment and Bullying eLearning course

Download our ‘How to Deal with Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace’ user guide


Your HR news round-up

Every weekday afternoon we’ll share the best stories relating to human resources and employment law on our blog. Whatever may be happening within the industry, we’ll let you know so you’re kept informed.


Meet the team

We’re continuing our regular feature, where each Friday we’ll focus on one of the Deminos team. This week, it’s HR advisor Ron Smith.


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