It’s Disciplinary and Grievance Week

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Welcome to Disciplinary and Grievance Week! As the third of our themed weeks marking the relaunch of Deminos, we have lots of HR advice, hints, tips and news lined-up to help you create an effective disciplinary procedure in your workplace.

Employers are required by the Acas Code of Practice to act fairly and reasonably regarding disciplinary and grievance cases. The Employment Rights Act 1996 also states that employers need to refer to disciplinary and grievance procedures in their employees’ written terms and conditions.

Having such procedures in place will ensure that everyone is treated consistently, helping employers avoid cases of unfair dismissal and potential tribunals.

Here’s what we’ll be sharing this week:

Questions of the day

Disciplinary and grievance can be complex subjects, so we’ll be answering some of the common questions that can occur. This week, the questions will be fielded by HR advisors Chris Bechervaise and Chris Heselwood.

  • Can you instantly dismiss an employee for reasons of gross misconduct?
  • Can an employee deal with a grievance informally?
  • What should you do if an employee retracts a grievance?
  • What can an employer do if an employee posts a derogatory comment on social media?
  • How long can an employee be suspended from work?

What’s out there

We’ll be signposting you towards any Acas guidelines relating to our questions of the day, so you have the official documentation to refer to in future.

Your HR news round-up

Every weekday afternoon we’ll share the best stories relating to human resources and employment law on our blog. Whatever may be happening within the industry, we’ll let you know so you’re kept informed.

Meet the team

We’re continuing our regular feature, where each Friday we’ll focus on one of the Deminos team so you can meet your HR advisors. Who will it be this time?

That’s what’s happening this week, but if you’d like to learn more, give us a follow on Twitter, a ‘like’ on Facebook, or even have a look at our website.

That’s all for now!


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