DVLA says goodbye to paper counterparts – will it affect you?

Employ drivers? These changes may affect you!

Starting today, the DVLA will no longer be issuing paper counterparts to driving licences, instead you’ll need to use their online service, Share Driving Licence and Check Driving Licence services.

So what will this mean for you and your employees?

If you own a driving licence

If you, or your employee’s, licence was issued before the photocard was introduced (pre-1998) you shouldn’t destroy it, it will still be valid.

However, if you change any details (i.e. address) the paper licence will be replaced with a photocard.

If you, or your employee, have a photocard and a paper counterpart, from today the paper counterpart will have no legal status and you will be free to destroy it.

The paper counterpart will also no longer be issued, instead just a photocard will be.

What about penalty points?

Penalty points from today will only be recorded electronically. The same process for receiving penalties and fines will be the same, but the way paperwork is handled will be different.

Now, if you have a paper counterpart, the court will retain it and only return the photocard if you, or your employee, commit an offence.
If you, or your employee, have a paper licence, it will be returned but won’t have any of the details of the offence written on them, they’ll be recorded electronically instead.

This means that from today the paper licence or counterpart won’t provide the most up-to-date information

If you need to check a licence

If you need to confirm a worker’s licence, you’ll now have to use the Shared Driving Licence service. This will allow the licence holder to generate a code which you can use to check their online record.

If you need to check a worker’s driving record, or look for penalty points and endorsements, you’ll be able to use the Check Driving Licence service. Again, this is done when the licence holder generates and shares a code which you can use to check their online record.

EU lorry and bus drivers

If you employ lorry or bus drivers who hold licences issued by EU member states, from today they won’t receive a counterpart. Instead they will get a confirmation of registration document (D91). The D91 should also be used to inform the DVLA of a change in the licence holder’s address.

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