Section 1 of the Education and Skills Act 2008 now in force

Today is the day that the Education and Skills Act 2008, Section 1, comes into force.

From today, young people must be in education or training up until the age of 18.

What comes into force?

Today, 26th June 2015, Section 1 of the act comes into force. This section covers who part 1 (Duty to participate in education or training: England) applies to.

According to the Act…

This Part applies to any person who is resident in England and who:

(a)has ceased to be of compulsory school age,
(b)has not reached the age of 18, and
(c)has not attained a level 3 qualification (see section 3).

So, while the school-leaving age is still 16, post-16 year olds will not necessarily have to remain in education, they will be able to get training (i.e. an apprenticeship) instead.

Education and training which will be covered under the Act are:

  • full-time study in school, college, or with a training provider;
  • full-time work (20 hours or more) combined with part-time education or training;
  • full-time volunteering (20 hours or more) combined with part-time education or training;
  • an apprenticeship or traineeship.

What is the Education and Skills Act 2008

The Education and Skills Act 2008 was brought in as a way to tackle the numbers of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET).

The Act places responsibility for supporting young people in the hands of Local Authorities and has provided guidance on what is expected of them.

Young people themselves are also expected to take responsibility to ensure they remain in education or training until their 18th birthday, not necessarily the same as the academic year-end of their 18th birthday.

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