The benefits of eLearning for a business

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eLearning has become a hugely popular method of training over the last few years. In 2015, the CIPD’s Learning and Development Study showed that 74% of companies reported using eLearning, with 91% saying it was very useful when combined with other training methods.


These figures are no surprise however, as eLearning is an ideal way of teaching busy employees new skills. Here are just a few of the benefits that eLearning can bring to a business.


Convenient and flexible

eLearning courses can be accessed wherever there is an internet connection. A learner will simply have to log into the learning management system whenever they’d like to begin their course, or pick it up where they left off.


Employees can take the course at their own pace and in an environment that suits them. Once the course is completed and they’ve displayed that they’ve learnt the information needed, the employee can also get straight back to work. A more traditional classroom-based course would take them away from their job for longer and affect productivity.


Cost effective

With traditional training, a business will have to pay for a trainer, classroom facilities, paper-based learning materials, travel costs and catering. The learning materials may only be used the once, or would have to be updated and reprinted in future at great cost. eLearning eliminates this as all updates can be made online whenever needed.


eLearning also takes place at an employee’s desk, which removes the cost of hiring a classroom, a trainer, and lets them get back to work as soon as they’re done. The initial outlay for purchasing the eLearning course will also be recouped when the employees put their new skills into practice and productivity improves.



eLearning is ideal for holding an employee’s attention as it is interactive, largely image-based and can include elements of gamification. This makes it more enjoyable to do, more rewarding, and as the course can be taken at the learner’s own pace, they’re more likely to retain information than if rushed.


Keeps training focused

The philosophy of ‘more is better’ shouldn’t apply to most types of training. It may be tempting to hold training sessions that last all day and include every bit of information on a certain subject, but this is not how most people learn best.


eLearning courses are broken down into manageable chunks that make it easier to retain information and remember it later.



Employees will have to show their knowledge through a quiz before moving onto the next module, so you know that employees have learned the information needed when they’ve completed their course. If they attended a long training event in a classroom instead, they could easily waste a day having not learned anything.


It’s also easy to see the quiz scores of each employee, so you can tell whether there’s a certain area of expertise that can be improved on in future through further training. The learning management system automatically calculates the results too, saving managers from having to do it themselves.


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