Employee Engagement

Why do we need employee engagement?

  • Employee Engagement Leads to Increased Profit

The benefits of employee engagement are now well-documented. Research shows that organisations that give employees a voice and clear goals in line with the overall aims of the business are the most successful.

Employee engagement has been shown to have a positive impact on staff performance, with many organisations seeing a link between engagement and an increase in productivity and profit.

When employees feel engaged with their work, they are more likely to stay with an organisation and speak highly of them both inside and outside of work. This lowers recruitment costs, lets the organisation keep their most talent team members, and leads to better customer service.

How we can help you achieve employee engagement?

  • Employee Engagement Survey

Employee engagement is when an organisation creates the conditions and values that allow its employees to do and be the best they can.

As a result, employees will have a positive attitude towards the organisation in return, doing all they can to promote and further the organisation’s interests.

Deminos can conduct an employee engagement survey with your workforce to give you a current measurement of engagement within your business. Find out which parts of work your employees are feeling positive and negative about, and what’s influencing their level of engagement.

Your dedicated advisor will explain how to promote the survey to your employees so you get the highest response rate possible. Once the results are in, your advisor will show you how to communicate them to employees to show you’re listening.

We will then design and introduce solutions based on the results to improve and sustain employee engagement on a long term basis.

  • Engaged staff are likely to:
  • Be highly motivated
  • Be united towards meeting the organisation’s goals
  • Put discretionary effort into their work
  • Be flexible and adaptable
  • Speak positively about the organisation
  • Be focused on excellent customer service
  • Disengaged staff are likely to:
  • Be demotivated
  • Have low morale
  • Be resistant to change
  • Spread negativity in the workplace
  • Deliver poor service
  • Be less productive

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