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By November 20, 2017Advice

Introducing family-friendly policies can benefit both employers and employees. Employers should always be looking to recruit from the widest possible cross-section of people, so provisions should be made to accommodate parents and people with other responsibilities outside of work.


This week, we’ll be looking at the benefits of embracing family-friendly policies and how to implement them into your business.


Questions of the day

Deminos director Sam Corcoran will be answering the following common questions that often surround family-friendly policies:

  • Does an employee need to provide a reason when making a flexible working request?

  • Can an employer withdraw from a flexible working agreement?

  • Is there a limit on the amount of emergency leave an employee can take?

  • Can custom and practice override the terms of a contract?

The Deminos blog

On the blog this week we’ll also be discussing the following topics:

  • What are the benefits of flexible working?

  • Time off for dependants explained

  • What should an employer do if an employee informs them that they are pregnant?

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Meet the team

We’re continuing our regular feature, where each Friday we’ll focus on one of the Deminos team. This week, it’s our HR director Louise Atkinson.


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