Fire safety – is your workplace complying?

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Fire safety is incredibly important, as well as ensuring the safety of your workers and customers, it also ensures the safety of your resources and products so you can minimise the potential losses to your business.

Are you completing regular fire checks?

By law, you should be completing regular fire safety checks. It is always recommended that you complete weekly fire checks, though this isn’t a statutory obligations, as long as you can prove you have been completed checks regularly.

You workplace should have completed a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) which should determine the frequency of your fire safety checks.

If you don’t have an FRA in place, get in touch with Deminos on 020 7870 1090 to see how we can help arrange one for you.

Things you should check during a fire safety check are:

  • Fire alarms are functional
  • Fire extinguishers are not damaged and are located in the correct places
  • Fire doors are operational and are not obstructed
  • Escape routes are clear

Whenever you complete a fire safety check, it is also crucial that you record it correctly. Checks should be documented to show what was checked and any issues arising.

The fire safety check should be made available to a fire safety inspector if necessary, so it’s important you record and store it!

It is also useful to refer to your own fire safety check regularly to ensure you are keeping on top of issues which could cause issues.

Are staff trained?

Your staff should know both what to do in the event of a fire and how to prevent it!

You should make all staff aware of your Health and Safety policies and hold refresher training regularly to ensure all are vigilant.

While it may seem common sense, reiterating the importance of keeping workplaces clear and tidy (especially on or near fire escape routes) can help keep fire safety in the forefront of worker’s minds.

You should also brief staff on what to do on discovery of a fire, including fire alarms protocols, what to do on hearing a fire alarm, escape routes and fire doors, assembly points, and other important fire safety information – this is the sort of knowledge that can save lives!

Are you guarding against the common causes of fire?

Fires are often easily prevented.

You should regularly check all electrical equipment, especially cables and plugs as these are common causes for fires. Any that seem worn should be looked at and replaced if necessary.

Around this time of year, your office may also have Christmas decorations up, including Christmas lights. If you are putting any lights up, you should ensure that they are not placed near items which may heat up and could potentially catch fire. You should also avoid using extension leads and overloading sockets, as well as ensuring lights are not left on overnight or when workplace premises are empty.

Don’t let fire safety let down your business

If you need help or advice on managing or improving your fire safety, why not book in for a fire safety consultation with one of the Deminos team?

Call the team today on: 020 7870 1090

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