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Dealing with disciplinary issues can seem daunting, but if handled well the procedure can help resolve issues before they become problems. Both managers and staff must be familiar with their company disciplinary procedure. As the employer, you also have to provide employees with a written statement of their employment, which must specify any disciplinary rules that would affect the employee.

The standard disciplinary procedure is split into 3 steps:

Step 1 – Statement of Grounds for Action and Invitation to Meeting

  • You (the employer) must set out in writing the employee’s alleged conduct, characteristics or other circumstances which led them to contemplate dismissing or taking disciplinary action against the employee.
  • You must send a copy of the statement to the employee and invite the employee to attend a meeting to discuss the matter.

Step 2 – The Meeting

The meeting must take place before action is taken, and the meeting must not take place unless:

  • You have informed the employee of the basis for including conduct, characteristics or other circumstances in the statement.
  • The employee has had reasonable opportunity to consider their response.
  • The employee must take all reasonable steps to attend the meeting, and after the meeting you must inform the employee of their decision and notify the right to appeal.

Step 3 – Appeal

  • If the employee wishes to appeal the decision, they must inform you, for you then to invite the employee to a further meeting.
  • Again, the employee must take all reasonable steps to attend the meeting.
  • After the appeal meeting, you must inform the employee of your final decision.

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