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Good afternoon – here’s today’s latest news on HR and employment law.

Two-fifths of UK workforce ‘not in skilled employment’ – HR Magazine

Workers identifying as ‘NISKE’ (not in skilled employment) may be facing challenges that prevent them from progressing.

The survey of 4,000 UK adults found that 42% of people see themselves as NISKE, which is roughly 13 million people across the country. Eighty-four per cent of this group reported that they were also in the same low- and semi-skilled positions in 2012, suggesting they face challenges when it comes to developing better skills and moving up the career ladder.

Millions going into work ‘mentally unwell’ – HR Grapevine

Almost one fifth of employees claim that they have gone into work when feeling mentally unwell – equating to around 5.8 million workers.

New research from Canada Life Group Insurance has found that a worrying stigma around mental health is still prevalent amongst the UK workforce. 19% of those asked said they’d be more likely to go into work if they felt mentally unwell than they would if feeling physically unwell, whilst 20% admitted that they would take time off if they were suffering from a stress-related illness.

Paralegal who resigned was entitled to £14,000 bonus, tribunal rules – CIPD

A paralegal who handed in his notice before receiving his bonus was entitled to the five-figure pay-out, a tribunal has decided.

Watford Employment Tribunal heard that Cemal Yucetas started working part time for Ersan & Co Solicitors, a north London-based law firm specialising in personal injury matters, in April 2014.

Yucetas told the tribunal, which accepted his evidence, that it was agreed at the start of his employment that he would be entitled to a 5 per cent bonus of the amount by which his ‘profit costs’ exceeded six times his ‘gross income’ between May 2014 and April 2015, which would be paid as a lump sum as soon after the financial year as possible.

Majority of HR professionals believe music is motivational at work – CIPD

More than half (57%) of HR and recruitment professionals feel music motivates them at work, according to research published today by LinkedIn and Spotify.

The study, which looked into the divisive nature of music at work, also found that office tunes had a calming effect on 49% of HR professionals, and helped 40% to be more creative.

Experts debate what could be done to clarify worker statuses – CIPD

Employment experts and politicians should come together to get worker categorisations right and create uniformity for employers, speakers at a House of Commons panel event have advised.

With a range of cases working their way through the courts, the issue of whether individuals should be classified as employees, workers or self-employed has been exercising politicians and legislators as well as HR professionals getting to grips with the growing gig economy.

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