Inductions Week round-up

By November 3, 2017News, Recruitment

It’s been a varied week on our social media channels this week, with the main focus being on induction and probationary procedures along with Halloween and National Stress Awareness Day.


Questions of the Day

This saw the QotD being answered by HR advisor Ron Smith. Click the links below to hear his answers on:

Is it necessary to have a probationary period?

What is the probationary procedure regarding a pregnant employee?

Should you wait until the end of the probationary period before dismissing an underperforming employee?



For Halloween, we shared our HR horrors that employers should avoid. Although Halloween themed, this advice on discrimination, misconduct, unauthorised absence and health and safety can apply to any holiday season.


National Stress Awareness Day

We shared our tips on how to reduce stress at work as part of National Stress Awareness Day on 1st November. Employers can take action to prevent the causes of stress, and create a culture where there is no stigma in someone speaking up when they start to feel stressed.


Nippy Bus and sudden redundancies: What does the law say?

Our litigator Ed McFarlane gave his advice on what occurs if an employer goes out of business suddenly without following the correct redundancy procedure.


Meet the team

Speaking of Ed, he was the focus of this week’s Meet the Team!


What’s in the news

The main stories included the BBC gender pay gap, plus that story from the bus firm who’s boss made it workforce redundant without warning.

BBC pay gap: women working with lawyers on potential legal action

‘I can’t work with you a moment longer’: boss fires bus drivers with blunt note

Deliveroo riders to seek employment rights at UK tribunal

Treasury hints IR35 will be extended into private sector



Finally, just a reminder about our user-friendly, accredited online courses. They can help you create a disciplinary process for your workplace, with the first module of all courses available for free.


That’s it for this week, but remember we can be followed/liked on social media for more articles, news and HR advice.





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