It’s Inductions Week at Deminos

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Welcome to our Inductions Week! We’re now into the fifth of our themed weeks showing you what we do here at Deminos.

Following the recruitment of a new member of staff, it’s important for them to be inducted into the business to ensure that they settle in well. A good induction will help the employee gain an understanding of the organisation and its policies, procedures and culture as soon as possible. It also gives them the opportunity to quickly become an effective and motivated team member.

The induction should happen alongside a probation period. This is to allow both the manager and employee to assess whether or not the new recruit is suitable for the role, taking into account the individual’s overall capability, skills, performance and general conduct in relation to the job.

Questions of the day

This week’s frequently asked questions will be fielded by HR advisor Ron Smith:

  • Is it necessary to have a probationary period?
  • What is the probationary procedure regarding a pregnant employee?
  • Should you wait until the end of the probationary period before dismissing an underperforming employee?


Tuesday is Halloween, so we’ll be sharing some HR horrors that you should avoid!

National Stress Awareness Day

Wednesday is National Stress Awareness Day. The Health and Safety Executive estimates that 13.5 million working days a year are lost to stress, depression and anxiety. Stress is a large contributor to mental health issues and can also have an impact on physical health. We’ll share our tips on how to reduce stress at work.

Your HR news round-up

Every weekday afternoon we’ll share the best stories relating to human resources and employment law on our blog. Whatever may be happening within the industry, we’ll let you know so you’re kept informed.

Meet the team

We’re continuing our regular feature, where each Friday we’ll focus on one of the Deminos team so you can meet your HR advisors. This week, it’s litigator and employment law expert Ed McFarlane.

That’s what’s happening this week, but if you’d like to learn more, give us a follow on Twitter, a ‘like’ on Facebook, or even have a look at our website.

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