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By November 2, 2018Employee Engagement

A new study of 2,000 UK employees has revealed the four main factors that make them feel more motivated at work.


The survey, by Reward Gateway, showed that those who class themselves as extremely motivated in their current job are most likely to say that they’re motivated by:


Job satisfaction (52%)

Feeling respected (37%)

Having a purpose (37%)

Good working relationships (37%)


It’s no coincidence that those factors are achieved through employee engagement.


Job satisfaction

The survey shows 52% of motivated employees cite “job satisfaction” as a reason for their motivation. Job satisfaction would be an employee being content in their role, for example liking their boss or not minding the commute.


Employee engagement goes even further than that. It is defined as “the level of an employee’s psychological investment in their organisation.”


It involves employees saying positive things about their organisation, intending to stay with the organisation on a long-term basis, and – as shown by the survey – being motivated to do their best to help the organisation succeed.



An engaged member of staff will feel respected by their manager. This can be achieved by giving them the tools to do the job, and by being trusted to get the required results without being micromanaged.


Employees will feel more respected when they are listened to and have their views taken seriously. Managers can give employees a voice through employee engagement surveys, one-to-one meetings, online forums, or solutions groups.



Productivity can be directly traced to employees working to achieve individual goals, which in turn should be aligned to support broader company goals. These goals should be agreed in performance meetings with the employee and reviewed at regular intervals.


A sense of purpose can also be achieved by letting employees know their role within the overall organisation. They should know what their contribution leads towards, and where they fit in alongside other employees and teams.


Good working relationships

Motivated staff need good working relationships with both managers and their fellow employees. A positive relationship with managers is based on trust and open communication, so managers should learn the soft skills required to deliver strong leadership.


Teamwork can be built through an encouragement of creativity and collaboration. This will help create a culture that values working together towards an overall goal rather than being in competition with each other.


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