Meet the Team – Neil Atkinson, Managing Director

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Neil Atkinson, Managing Director

Every week, we’ll be profiling a member of our team so you can learn a little more about our advisors here at Deminos. We’ll be looking at who they are, what they do, and even what they enjoying doing outside of work. We thought we might as well start at the top with our MD, Neil Atkinson.


Neil is our MD and the man who started it all off. He also knows a thing or two about starting a business.

Way back in 1991 Neil set up his first venture importing and selling ISDN cards for Macs. After selling the company in 1995, he moved to London and was soon caught in the city’s infamous traffic. This inspired him to set up his second business – designing and producing custom business location maps, which he owned and managed until 2007.

It was around this time Neil realised that outsourcing his business’s HR needs was the way forward, due to it being easier and more cost-effective than having an in-house HR department. This led to him and his HR director wife Louise launching a new business, aiming to meet those needs for other people. Deminos was born!

Over ten years on, Deminos (and Neil and Louise’s marriage) is still going strong. Away from work, Neil harbours dreams of being a late bloomer in the world of Formula One by driving very fast cars around racing circuits in his spare time.


To find out more about the Deminos team, head over to our About Us page.

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