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Good afternoon everyone, here’s your round-up of HR and employment law news from today and over the weekend. Click on an article title to see the full story.


MPs publish draft Bill to close gig economy loopholes – HR Magazine

A new ‘worker by default’ status has been recommended by a joint draft Bill on ending gig economy exploitation from the Work and Pensions and Business Committees

If rolled out the onus would fall on companies to prove self-employed status, rather than forcing workers to via the courts. Otherwise the company would be obliged to offer worker-status benefits such as holiday and sick pay.

The two committees, which have based their draft Bill on recommendations made in the Taylor Review, have also recommended companies be fined if they falsely classify people and deny them benefits. It suggested ‘a significant increase in fines for offending employers’, as well as ‘an obligation on employment tribunals to consider the increased use of higher, punitive fines and costs orders if an employer has already lost a similar case’.


Worrying amount of gender bias in UK job ads – HR Grapevine

The largest study of UK job adverts has unearthed some worrying findings regarding gender bias, which could be having a significant impact on recruitment.

Totaljobs’ research found that UK job adverts are plagued with gender-biased language. After reviewing 76,000 adverts over a six-week period, the jobsite found that on average, every advert had six gender-coded words.

Gendered terms, according to a study by The University of Waterloo and Duke University, are words which are associated with gender stereotypes.


Disabled surgeon sacked for gross misconduct wins more than £80,000 – CIPD

A surgeon who was dismissed for gross misconduct after complaining about the lack of equipment following a patient death at the hospital where he worked has been awarded £83,900 by a tribunal in a long-running case.

The East London Hearing Centre ruled on the remedy after a 2014 employment tribunal heard claims that former NHS surgeon Arjuna Weerasinghe was sacked after complaining about the lack of equipment at Basildon Hospital in Essex.


There are no unemployed in UK, says Hammond in TV gaffe – The Guardian

Philip Hammond has claimed “there are no unemployed people” in the UK in a major slip-up as the chancellor prepares to fight for his political life in this week’s budget.

Hammond’s gaffe came as he made the case on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that driverless cars will not necessarily lead to more unemployment.

Playing down worries about automation technologies, he said: “It’s a simple choice: either we embrace change or we try to hide from change and we allow ourselves to slip behind … I remember 20 years ago we were worried about what would happen to a million shorthand typists in Britain as the personal computer took over. Nobody has a shorthand typist these days.

“Where are all these unemployed people? There are no unemployed people. We have created 3.5m jobs since 2010. This economy has become a jobs factory.”

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