It’s Performance Management Week

Welcome to Performance Management Week – the first of our themed weeks to celebrate the relaunch of Deminos and highlight everything that’s new. Here we’ll be explaining what’s lined up and what you can expect to see on the website and over social media between today and Friday.

Questions of the day

Throughout the week we’ll be answering the frequently asked questions that often arise when managers are aiming to improve their team’s performance. The advice will come from Sam Corcoran, one of our Directors here at Deminos. She’ll be answering:

  • Should you deal with an employee’s poor performance through your conduct or capability procedure?
  • What is a reasonable review period when setting targets for an employee who is underperforming?
  • Can an employee be accompanied at a meeting to discuss poor performance?

Your HR news round-up

Every weekday morning we’ll bring you a compilation of the best news stories from the world of human resources and employment law. Whatever may be happening within the industry, we’ll let you know so you’re kept informed.

What’s out there

As well as rounding up the main HR news stories, we’ll be sharing thoughts and case studies relating to our questions of the day from bloggers and commentators within the HR and employment law industry. We’ll do the research so you don’t have to.

Meet the team

This will be a regular feature where each Friday we’ll shine the spotlight on one of the team here at Deminos!  It’s only fair that we start with the man at the top, our own MD Neil Atkinson (whether he likes it or not).

So that’s just a taste what we’ll be talking about this week. If you’d like to learn more, give us a follow on Twitter, a ‘like’ on Facebook, or even have a look at our website home page.

That’s all for now!


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