Don’t let poor induction harm your business

By June 30, 2017Advice, Recruitment

HR Grapevine’s recent article, 5 onboarding mistakes that drive away new staff is a warning as to how poor induction can harm your business.

The five mistakes given are examples of how a new employee’s first experiences at a company can shape how they fit in and how engaged they are with their work. The stats also don’t lie – nearly 90% of firms estimate that between 10% and 25% of new employees leave within the first six months.

A good induction period will bring more benefits than just improving the chances of new employees sticking around though:

  • The induction process allows an organisation to promote its corporate image in a positive light.
  • Employees who gain an understanding of the “big picture” from the induction process are more likely to appreciate how their role fits into it, therefore more likely to be able to perform their role effectively.
  • Effective induction helps employees to become competent in their role, to feel secure and comfortable in it, and to experience increased job satisfaction.

The article also states that according to the Korn Ferry Futurestep Survey, the top reason new recruits leave is because their role is different from what they expected it to be during the hiring process. 19% also revealed that they don’t like the company’s culture.

These are mistakes that can be easily avoided throughout the recruitment process, leaving you with an employee who likes the business, their job, and leaves you with a good ‘employer brand’ – your reputation with job-seekers.

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