What is a reasonable review period when setting targets for underperforming employees?

What is a reasonable review period when setting targets for an employee who is underperforming?

For this question, we’ll be looking at what a reasonable review period would be after setting targets for an underperforming employee following a review meeting. Deminos director Sam Corcoran has this advice:


“There are no statutory timeframes in place for improvements to underperformance. What an employer will have to do it look at the individual case and act reasonably based on the circumstances.


Take a look at the seniority and role of the employee involved, their length of service, and their past record. That will allow you to determine the timeframe that will be appropriate for that individual, which could range from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.


When an employer agrees to provide an employee with training and support, a reasonable length of time should be given to allow the employee to improve before their performance is measured again.


The employer should ensure that it monitors the employee’s performance during the relevant review period. The period should be long enough to enable the employer to assess whether or not the employee has made and sustained the necessary improvements.”


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