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Welcome to Recruitment Week at Deminos! This is the fourth of our themed weeks celebrating the relaunch of Deminos and to highlight everything we can do for our clients.

Having an effective recruitment process in place is vital for employers to select and then retain the right people for their organisation. Recruiting the wrong person for a role can have a demoralising effect on other members of staff, reduce productivity, and cost time and money when the employee needs to be replaced.

Employers must also avoid discriminating against anyone with a protected characteristic under the terms of the Equality Act 2010. Your recruitment process can help prove that you have taken every possible provision to avoid this.

Questions of the day

This week’s questions will be answered by our in-house litigator, Ed McFarlane.

  • If a candidate is unable to attend an interview on the date and time offered, is the employer obliged to reschedule?
  • If an employer makes a job offer and the candidate accepts, can the employer change their mind?
  • What questions should an employer avoid asking at interviews?


With avoiding discrimination being such an important part of recruitment, we’ll be signposting to our Equality, Diversity and Discrimination eLearning course. The first module of the course can be taken as a trial for free.

Your HR news round-up

Every weekday afternoon we’ll share the best stories relating to human resources and employment law on our blog. Whatever may be happening within the industry, we’ll let you know so you’re kept informed.

Meet the team

We’re continuing our regular feature, where each Friday we’ll focus on one of the Deminos team so you can meet your HR advisors. This week, it’s HR advisor Sita Anand.

That’s what’s happening this week, but if you’d like to learn more, give us a follow on Twitter, a ‘like’ on Facebook, or even have a look at our website.

That’s all for now!


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