How to retain your best employees

High employee turnover will cost a business time and money. If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time and resources recruiting staff, it will be frustrating seeing them leave for a better offer after only a relatively short period.


It’ll also have a negative impact on productivity and morale within an organisation, and can be an indicator of management problems. However, there are ways to encourage talented employees to stay with you and help the business grow, instead of having to go back to square one every few months.


Improve your recruitment process

The first area to focus on is how you recruit employees. If the wrong person is being recruited for a job, then it’s unlikely they’ll be a good fit and will probably leave in the near future.


A good person specification should be able to filter out unsuitable candidates at the application stage. It should include the specific academic or professional qualifications required, the amount of experience needed (measured in quality rather than simply length of time), special skills that will have to have been demonstrated in the past, and any personal qualities that are essential for performing the role to the required standard.


Conduct meaningful inductions

An effective induction process will ensure that employees settle in well by gaining an understanding of the organisation and its policies, procedures and culture as early as possible. It gives them the opportunity to quickly become productive and motivated team members.


Managers should make sure that a new employee’s induction programme starts from day one, with the learning process continuing over the following weeks and months. Induction should never be seen as something that only takes place when there are enough new starters to “justify” it.


Promote flexible working

Employers should be aware of the growing need for a work-life balance amongst employees. For example, an employee who has children may find they cannot work their usual hours anymore as they have to collect their children from school.


Without flexible working, they’d have to change their role – or worse – leave the company which would then lose their expertise and have to hire and train a replacement.


Strive towards employee engagement

Employee engagement is defined as “the level of an employee’s psychological investment in their organisation.” It involves employees saying positive things about their organisation, intending to stay with the organisation on a long-term basis, and being motivated to do their best to help the organisation succeed.


There are four main factors that should be worked towards in order to gain an engaged workforce; leadership, engaged management, employee voice, and trust.


Deminos can conduct an employee engagement survey with your workforce so you can find out the current levels of engagement within your business. You’ll then know what aspects of work your employees are feeling positive and negative about, so you can act to improve the areas that need attention.


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