The cost of sick leave

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Have you ever stopped to wonder how much sickness leave is costing your business? It could be more than you think!

The cost of sickness

According to the Office for National Statistics, 131 million working days were lost due to sickness absence in 2013. That’s a massive 4.4 days per worker! How much work does your business get through in 4.4 days? In fact, sickness leave could be costing your business around £595 per employee, every year! Overall, absences cost UK businesses about £23 billion a year, that’s a lot of working days lost!

The reasons for absence

People take sick days for all sorts of reasons. The most common reasons for days off are stress, repetitive strain injuries and other musculoskeletal issues. But, unnecessary absences, or ‘sickies’ are also worryingly common!

According to PwC, 26% of employees said they took a sick day because they were bored at work, 26% because they had interviews with other employers, and 32% because they were suffering after a night out on the town!

Who takes the most days off?

You might think these levels of absences can’t apply to you, but if you work in a specific industry, you might find yourself with higher than average absence rates!

If you work in the public sector, your employees are 24% more likely to take a sick-day than if they worked in the private sector.

Work in a big organisation? You don’t get away either! Your employees are 31% more likely to be absent than if you were a smaller organisation.
And if you work in the East Midlands, Wales or the North-East, you’re absence rates are the highest in the country at 2.4%!

Managing the cost of sickness leave

The best way to manage casual sickness leave is to put good management procedures in place. You’re never going to be able to stop your employees ever being sick, but you can certainly discourage them from taking days off they don’t need. Make sure you’re managing sickness correctly.

Do you hold return-to-work interviews when an employee returns? Do you record all absences? Can you spot patterns in frequent absenteeism?
If the answer to any of those questions is no, it’s time for you to be more consistent with your absence management.

Need some help managing your absence levels? Or if you need some advice…

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