How well-designed work can improve performance

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Workplace productivity can be improved by allowing employees to exercise some control over the way in which their jobs will be carried out. Giving employees some autonomy over what their role involves will lead to greater employee engagement and commitment, and encourage better use of skills and knowledge.


Well-designed jobs often include the following:


  • The chance to use existing skills and develop new ones

  • The right tools to do the job

  • A variety of work

  • A degree of interdependence with other roles and other people

  • Flexibility over hours worked and working patterns

  • Good use of physical space


How Deminos can help you

Chris Bechervaise from Deminos recently helped one of our clients re-write their employees’ job descriptions due to them becoming outdated. The nature of the roles had changed some years ago, so were no longer relevant and were confusing.


Chris arranged a meeting on-site with each member of staff and their line manager to discuss their role and agree the content. Each meeting lasted around an hour, with a further meeting to follow up and finalise on the basis that the post holder completed some prior work in preparation. We provided a brief document to help the staff with this task and to give an overview of what we wanted to achieve.


Our process for reviewing the job descriptions went like this:


  • We issued the job description template to all employees for completion with job task details;

  • The employees completed the job description template to let us know what they do and how they carry out their role;

  • The employees then passed the job description template to their manager;

  • Managers then considered the content of the employees’ template before meeting with Chris;

  • Chris met the managers to discuss what the content of the staff job descriptions should be;

  • A meeting then took place with both the managers and employees to get their final agreement on what should be included in their job description;

  • Finally, Deminos typed up the final revised job descriptions for the staff members.


The advantages of well-designed work

Being involved in the job designing process gives employees greater focus, as they’ll know what is expected of them right from the start. Designing their own work helps employees feel more satisfied with their role, engaged, and also more enthusiastic about taking on new challenges.


While giving employees greater input will play to their strengths by letting them use their own skills, it will also identify any gaps in training that should be addressed. Although making use of existing skills is a major part of good job design, training should also be encouraged so employees can be more flexible whenever the job requires. Continuous learning and training should be seen as an investment for the business and for individuals.


To learn more about well-designed work and its benefits, call a Deminos advisor on 020 7870 1090.

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