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We’ve been busy over the last few months, so we’d like to tell you all about what we’ve been up to. Here’s what’s new at Deminos:

Employment tribunal support

In addition to our usual HR and employment law service, we specialise in employment tribunal support. We’re aware that that being faced with a tribunal claim can be stressful and costly if not handled correctly, however our qualified team and experienced litigator are on hand to help you should that ever happen. 

We can undertake a full assessment of your case, advise on your chances of success, and inform you of what it would cost should your defence be unsuccessful. Our aim is to give you all the facts so you can make an informed decision on what you’d like to do.

Learn more about our employment tribunal support service here.

Training and development

We love it when you come to us for advice, but we understand that it can sometimes be easier to just do things yourself. As a result, we’re now offering a series of courses suitable for both managers and employees looking to learn new skills in HR and employment law, such as how to create a disciplinary procedure, tackle bulling and harassment, and deal with conflict in the workplace.


Our range of eLearning courses are all accredited, easy to access, and offer a flexible and affordable solution for businesses wanting to expand their employees’ skillset. eLearning has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to learn too, due to being more engaging through its interactivity.

If you’d prefer a more traditional learning experience however, we still offer our classroom-based Leadership and Management course modules so you can create a blended learning experience and get the best of both worlds.

Learn more about our training and development courses here.

Employee engagement

Deminos can work with you to create an employee engagement survey. Employees who are engaged with their work are more likely to be highly motivated, be dedicated to your company, give excellent customer service and be more flexible and adaptable to change. Disengaged employees on the other hand are likely to have low morale, spread negativity, and be far less productive.

Our employee engagement survey will help you measure the levels of engagement in your organisation. We’ll promote the survey to gain a high response rate from your employees, then analyse that data to see where positive action can be taken to change the culture of your workplace, increase employee engagement and build your bottom line.

Learn more about how we can improve employee engagement here.

‘How to be an Employer’ – the manager’s guide

We’re very pleased to announce the upcoming publication of our new book – ‘How to be an Employer’. It’s the complete guide to human resources and employment law, and takes you through each stage of employing people so you’ll never get lost – all the way from recruitment at the beginning, to retirement at the end.

We also have our range of free ‘How to’ guides to give employers the tools they need to handle any HR situation. The guides follow a step-by-step format so you’ll know exactly what to do next, and contain numerous templates and example documents that can be adapted when needed.

Learn more about our range of ‘How to’ guides here.

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